Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of clothes, declaring “I have NOTHING to wear” while surrounded by a wardrobe bursting with options?

You are not alone! We’ve all been there. I used to find myself laughing at the irony of my overflowing closet while feeling completely uninspired by my outfit choices. 

As a vintage curator, I acquire new pieces for a living. It is an exercise in self-control to not keep every single thing in my size. Sometimes my self control loses and my New York City apartment closet gets a little more full.   

I found myself accumulating pieces that caught my eye without considering how to incorporate them into outfits.  Consequently, when it came time to dress for the day or an event, I often felt overwhelmed and uninspired as I sifted through my closet, unsure of how I could make anything work and taking a lot of time to create outfits that sometimes fell flat. 

And then I started taking “fit check” photos and everything changed. 

Posting these fit checks to my insta story started simply as a way to celebrate the successful combinations I was creating; and, to provide IRL examples of how to incorporate vintage and secondhand pieces into everyday attire. 

As I continued to post “fit checks” more regularly, I began to realize their profound impact. Not only did I start recognizing recurring style patterns that I truly enjoyed, but I also gained insight into my personal style choices. Documenting my outfits allowed me to identify the silhouettes and styles that naturally resonated with me, guiding me towards a clearer understanding of my personal aesthetic. 

Outfit checkFit checknight out fit check

But the most unexpected benefit : AN ABUNDANCE OF STYLE INSPIRATION!

This easy practice done intentionally fostered confidence and excitement when getting dressed. I found greater joy in being an outfit repeater. When I found a combination that I liked, my brain would spark with ideas of how I might use the same pieces for different outfits pairings in the future. This shift in mindset proved to be one of the most invaluable takeaways from my accidental experiment.  

Maintaining an archive, or “look book”, to reference all the times I felt truly confident in my outfit pairings proved helpful on the days I felt like I did NOT nail it. Some days I would put together an outfit that I wasn’t sure I loved, but I would still document it. This helped me see that there were items in my closet that were just not fitting my style anymore. My wardrobe gaps became more obvious, allowing me to be more intentional with adding new items in. 

And all of a sudden, that sea of clothes that once seemed so overwhelming became a source of pride and confidence.

The best benefit– a fine-tuned personal style that has me excited to get dressed every day. And guess what? It’s really easy to use my accidental experiment to fine-tune YOUR personal style. 

Here is an easy 4 step process to help you be more bold with your style choices, save more time and feel more confident as you identify your style criteria:

Step 1) simply take a photo or video of your outfit every day. You don’t have to share it on social media. It can be just for you.

Step 2) identify your “signature” pieces and work to build outfits you love around those.

Step 3) refer back to your photos/videos when you are choosing an outfit for the next day or for a special occasion. Don’t be afraid to outfit repeat, or build a similar version of a look you loved. 

Step 4) Let what you learn from the photos guide you into letting some things go from your wardrobe and intentionally bringing something new in.

Ready to embark on your own style journey? Use the power of outfit documentation to refine your personal style.  If the idea still feels overwhelming, no pressure to post your fits to social media. However, I can tell you that the feedback you get from the people in your life will be fun and boost your confidence even more.

That’s why this “Fit-Check” practice is now a part of my own style criteria.