Instead of scrambling to make New Year's Resolutions for myself and Criteria Vintage, this January I decided to jump on the trend of creating Ins & Outs. I am hoping these will resonate with all of you who have shopped with Criteria over the past year.

So without further ado, here are the Criteria Vintage Ins & Outs of 2024:

IN: checking in with your favorite vintage & secondhand shops when you have a need/want. OUT: shopping fast fashion to fill a need/want.

While of course, I own a secondhand business and selfishly want you to shop with me, can we all just agree that our environment will greatly benefit from this shift in philosophy? The over production of clothing has spiraled out of control in the last decade, creating more and more textile waste each year. Thrift stores have become a dumping ground for the excess, where well-meaning individuals receive a false sense of satisfaction that their donations are "going to a good cause" when the reality is that only about 10% of what gets donated will end up finding a second home.

IN: working to find your personal style. OUT: feeling like you have no style or stuck in a style rut.

Your “personal style” is you dressing in a way that is reflective of your interests, creativity, and lifestyle. The goal here is to feel authentically you, as well as good about getting dressed. This isn’t something that happens overnight, but rather is a process of self discovery. The good news is–it is possible to get yourself out of a style rut! If this is a task that seems daunting to you, stay tuned as I continue to share tips that are helpful for me as I continue on my own personal style journey. 

IN: finding unique versions of trends OUT: trend copying to a T- wearing a carbon copy of what everyone else is wearing

Trends can be fun. As someone who has never considered herself a "trend setter," I can honestly say I look forward to the trend predictions for each season. But here's the thing--these trends can get oversaturated quickly and there can be a loss of identity in them. At some point everyone starts to look like a carbon copy of each other. In my opinion, trends are the MOST fun when you put a unique twist on it. Styling with vintage is one of the best ways to do this!

IN: romanticizing your life through style OUT: thinking that great style is for others and that you are somehow not worthy

I ran across a sound byte on TikTok from creator Drew Joiner: "One of the simplest ways of romanticizing your life is with fashion." This resonated with me on such a deep level. There was a time in my life where I would look at individuals who I considered "stylish" and I would actually trick myself into thinking that this could never be me. I fell prey to the bully culture prevalent in the fashion and style space and instead of being inspired to be the stylish person I wanted to be, I let myself feel like I could never be part of the club. We are done with that in 2024. This year we are dressing for the part we want to play… dressing like who we want to be.

IN: wearing your signature pieces again and again OUT: being afraid to repeat the items in your wardrobe that you love and are known for

A signature pieces of clothing are ones that you showcase often. There is no shame in outfit repeating. When you have taken the time to identify your personal style and the items in your wardrobe you love, you should absolutely give them as many wears as possible. But instead of just simply repeating them, challenge yourself to let these pieces become the foundation that you build a look around. Styling them in different ways is an important part of not only embracing but also growing your personal style. 

IN: being bold enough to try new styles OUT: limiting creativity in your style

As humans, we are constantly evolving and changing. It is quite natural for our style to go through shifts and evolutions as well. Be bold enough to try something new every once and a while. You can even creatively do this with pieces in your own wardrobe. Creative thinking sparks confidence and optimism, and most importantly helps us discover new things about ourselves and our perspective. 

IN: learning to mend and take care of your clothing OUT: throwing things out that have damage or need cleaning

While most of the INS & OUTS on this list have been centered around your personal style journey, I would be remiss to not include something that has been a fueling force behind my secondhand business. All of the items that have been purchased from Criteria have been lovingly cleaned by me before they were put up for sale, and many of them have also gone through a little mending or repairing. So much love and care goes into this process. My hope and desire is to inspire you to continue this process, not only with the articles you purchase from my shop, but also with all the items you own and love. 


As we continue into the year, my mission with Criteria Vintage is to provide useful tools, positive reinforcement, and a safe space for you to explore as you create your own criteria for your personal style. Did any of these resonate with you? Drop a comment below and let me know what your styles Ins and Outs are!