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Welcome to CRITERIA!

Criteria Vintage is a New York City based vintage shop. Our mission is to champion sustainable fashion and inspire freedom of expression through personal style. We want to cultivate a coalition of like minded individuals who are driven to change the direction of fast fashion and build a more approachable path for everyone to enjoy vintage and second hand clothing. Join us by signing up for our newsletter for all things vintage + sustainability!


We believe in providing diverse clothing for ALL people
We believe that clothing can be genderless
We believe that you should wear what you want
We believe that fast fashion is harming the environment
We believe we can collectively make a difference

I'M LARISSA, the founder of CRITERIA

I’m a New York City actor, director, entrepreneur, and the style-obsessed woman behind Criteria. 

My love for vintage style goes way back…

Growing up in Kansas, I was one of 9 (yes, nine!) kids.

In our large family, shopping second-hand wasn’t trendy, it was a necessity. Thrifting became second nature to me. And when I found out it was a more sustainable way to shop, I loved it even more. 

Honestly, I was picked on as a kid for my unconventional style and second hand outfits. 

Little did I know, these experiences planted the seed for Criteria, an inclusive and welcoming space for every person, style, and fashion “criteria.”

Over the years, I developed an eclectic personal style (think late 90s Sarah Jessica Parker meets 70s Marcia Brady) as I attempted to keep up with trends, but with a vintage twist. 

After college, I moved from Kansas to Manhattan to pursue my dream career: Professional theatre and acting. 

Not only was I in the theatre capital of the country, but one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world! I was home. 

On my weekends and days off, you could find me combing the thrift and vintage stores for my next favorite “fit.” I never tired of seeing the shocked look on my friends' faces when I told them, “I thrifted it.”

At one particular party, a friend complained to me, “I never find good vintage pieces in my style.” 

A little spark went off in my head. 

Was there a world where I could curate unique vintage and second-hand pieces for other people too?

That was 2017… 

Now, seven years later, Criteria has grown beyond my wildest dreams. 

From starting out on eBay and Depop for fun, to establishing “The Article” in a global pandemic, to the completely revamped Criteria Vintage that’s loved by thousands of people today –it’s been the most incredible ride. 

Criteria Vintage is the dream I never knew I had, skipping around thrift stores, searching for vintage treasures as a kid. 

It’s the perfect combination of my passion for sustainability and personal style–a welcoming space, where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self.

My promise to you? 

You keep finding what makes you happy, confident, and authentically you.

And I’ll keep curating the shop to support your every outfit– no matter the Criteria. 




66 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY  

THURS - FRI: 12-7pm
SAT - SUN: 11-6pm
MON: 12-7pm


Our sizing is based off of measurements! Check out our SIZING GUIDE to learn more about how we measure.


Every item is washed / sanitized and all flaws will be noted to the best of our ability.


All Items ship out in 1-3 business days. Read through our TERMS + CONDITIONS to learn more!

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